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About artyrambles

This is the official Patreon page of artyrambles, the creator of the Hummelverse, its stories and tales. I wrote the Hummel Quest (now called The Tanking League) and am currently working on rewriting it.

The Tanking League is free for everyone to read on World Anvil, and I intend it to stay this way. The animated series will be available to watch for free on Youtube soon. I also want to give people who want to give me a little extra support the opportunity to do so. That is what this page is for.

You can also find me on:
my website

If you want to support me but monthly payments are too much of a commitment (understandable!) I also have a ko-fi page where you can leave tips without a subscription:
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I'll pick a random patron each month and draw a chibi tank of their choosing for them.
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