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I'm Vic, currently an adult living in Washington state creating various artworks of both my current media interests as well as slowly piecing together my own characters and stories.

It'll be a process involving a lot of time, work and organizing, and I wanted to set up a way that others who are interested in what I have to share can also support my endeavors. I'm currently using this as a makeshift tip jar, but I have a few things planned to introduce with various patron tiers as they become more developed, as well as a look into how I am working on them.

I'm hoping to develop something of a sort of otherworldly slice-of-life comic series that would build up to some sort of action, involving characters that are agents of a world they had once lived on. Both holy and infernal, and otherwise aligned, working together to keep the crossroads of Heaven and Hell a sort of alternative area for those who work tirelessly to cycle life and spirits through their mortal plane. I have it currently named as "SOLALUNA" but names are likely to change in time.

For something more tangible, I had considered possibly designing and printing bookmarks, whether to help one motive to read more often or simply as a collector's dream, I would like to offer more tangible content as well in this form. I plan on doing both original designs and some based on assorted media I take interest in and would like to share with the world.

Miscellaneous stuff will include high-resolution versions of certain artworks and possibly even video processes of some of these for those curious to see how I work. I may include other extras such as poll voting for image subjects. Otherwise, I would like to use this primarily as a means to show my progress on projects I had planned, offering an early look to those able to support me with money.

I have a few other stories and such bouncing in my head that will require more experience and footing in developing a healthy work ethic I'm hoping to bring to life in the future.
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