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is creating Open Source Software, Tech Tutorials and Blogs

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You'll have my eternal gratitude.

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You'll have my eternal gratitude and your name would be added to my website's "thank you" page.

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You'll have my eternal gratitude. Your name would be added to my website's "thank you" page. And Ill also do a "thank you" tweet about you and your support!




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About Arun Michael Dsouza

Hey, I'm Arun!
I am a computer programmer from India currently working on enterprise web products. Recently created

I'm a tech speaker/mentor

I've been creating free and open source software for the past 6 years
I have built multiple utilities and modules for ReactJS, AngularJS, NodeJS, Sass/CSS etc. that get 1.1M downloads every month -
  • woodlot
    An all-in-one JSON logging utility that supports ExpressJS HTTP logging, custom logging, provides multi-format output and an easy to use events API.
  • tensorflow-image-detection
    A generic image detection program that uses Google's Machine Learning library, Tensorflow and a pre-trained Deep Learning Convolutional Neural Network model called Inception.
  • joypad.js
    JavaScript library that lets you connect and use various gaming controllers with browsers that support the Gamepad API. Less than 5KB in size with zero dependencies and support for button press, axis movement events and vibration play effect.
  • CSS-Mint
    Lightweight and simple to use UI Kit. Fully responsive, just 3KB gzipped.
  • ng-youtube-embed
    AngularJS module to embed Youtube videos with support for Youtube player parameters and JavaScript API for iframe embeds. Superlight (less than 5KB) and easy to use! Supports Youtube video URLs and IDs. No 3rd party JS dependencies.
  • react-image-appear
    ReactJS component to make images appear with transition as they load.
  • ng-image-appear
    AngularJS Module to make images appear with transition as they load.
  • picla
    jQuery plugin that converts Alt-texts into simple image labels.
  • pineapple-sass
    A must-have Sass mixin library for all your Sassy needs.
  • ng-textarea-enter
    Execute a function on pressing the enter key in a textarea.
  • bootstrap-football-homepage
    A minimal Bootstrap 3 one page Theme for Football lovers.

I also write blogs and tech tutorials

And conduct free meetups and workshops for the local community

All of this community and voluntary work involves a lot of planning, active code maintenance, bug fixes, and promotion. If you or your company use any of my projects or like what I’m doing, please consider backing me so I can continue maintaining and working on these projects and new ones. Your pledge could be as small as $1/month. I'd really appreciate your support!

Thank you so much.

The amazing cover image was shot by Christian Hamburger Grøngaard. I met him at JSConf Iceland in 2018, we were on a trip to the southern coast where he beautifully captured the Aurora Borealis. Follow him on twitter here -

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