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  • Access to high quality MP3/Lossless recordings of my covers - these are of a higher quality than those on YouTube, because of YouTube's audio quality limitations as well as my new digital recording studio.
  • Access to the Patron-exclusive Facebook community which has exclusive content (i.e. unpublished covers, live streams, etc.)
  • Early access to my new covers' audio recordings and drafts
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I'm Arian. I've been playing piano since I was around 6. While I've always been practicing classical music, a major hobby of mine is to arrange and play piano covers of songs in other genres, be it pop, rock, jazz, electronic, etc.

Your support has always been a source of motivation for me to produce more videos. Your views, likes, and feedback keep me going and I truly appreciate them all. :) I've always been thinking of new ideas and collaborations for my videos. Some of my ideas are hard to implement with limited budget. This platform allows you guys to directly support each video I make, therefore allowing me to make even cooler videos with better equipment, quality, and even in new locations (Doesn't hurt to move out of my usual piano corner every once in a while! :P )

How often do I make new videos? 
My goal regardless of the support I receive is 1 video every other month, but the more support I get from this platform, the more time and budget I have to dedicate to new covers and arrangements. For every 25$ I receive, I will make one more video per month. So in short, the minimum is 1 every other month, but the maximum depends on you guys! 

What kinds of videos will I be making?
Apart from the usual solo piano covers, I'm constantly looking for collaboration opportunities. I've already collaborated with great artists (drummers, guitarists, a singer, and a violinist). Feel free to check them out on my channel. Moreover, due to popular request, I've been writing sheet music and creating tutorials for some of my covers. You can check some of them here:
Metro Last Light: Main Menu Theme (Tutorial + Sheet Music):
Dark Paradise - Lana Del Rey (Tutorial + Sheet Music):

Your support would allow me to spend more time creating tutorials and writing sheet music. Plus, as a Patreon Supporter, you'd be able to decide which song I should cover or write tutorial for next!

Check out my channel for more covers:

Feel free to contact me on youtube. I check my inbox every day and try to get back to you as soon as possible. :)
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I will do an extra cover every month once I hit this goal. :)
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