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About Naomi

Hi there! I am Naomi, a 20 years old girl from Italy.

I'm an aspirant designer and in my free time I like writing random lines of code that do stuff

You may know me as the person who made Glasscord and MPRISLyrics; or maybe you know me because I am RevengeOS' UI/UX designer; or... well... because of my Instagram account?

My background
I was introduced to photography and design when I was very young, in fact I don't even remember at which age I was when that happened; but since then my passion for them grew little by little until, at the age of 12, I couldn't ignore it anymore; I needed to grab a camera and shoot, everytime, everywhere.
Some years prior, at the age of 10, I got my hands on a computer with Adobe Photoshop and After Effects. It was delightful to me, and I spent quite a lot of time on those programs, creating visual effects and fancy designs!
Following that event, I started meeting people with my interests. Thanks to that, my knowledge grew and grew and I became super confident that graphic design was the thing I was going to do for a living.
In the meantime I attended high school, where I learned about computers and I discovered another talent of mine: writing code. Since then I mastered the PHP language and I'm now proficient also in Java/JavaScript/NodeJS.

My current challenges and dreams
I am a transgender girl, and for the time being I cannot even afford to properly transition. It makes me often depressed and unwilling to go forward with life, but as it is I have no job, no income and therefore no money to take care of myself.
I was also forced to drop out of school after my high school diploma. I really want to have a second chance to study, as I recognize the value of studying in an university and nowadays employers in my country won't even look at people with just an high school diploma in their resume.

My projects aka my little paradise
Currently, I tend to distract myself from the bad things fate throws at me by making projects here and there. Most of it is free software and its source is on my GitHub page.
The Patreon-only software releases for now are:
- Fate Overlay, a Destiny 2 overlay for Braytech and DIM.

If you are a creator and you don't want pieces of your work featured on my projects, contact me on TwitterTelegram or Discord to discuss about removals.

How you can help
By becoming a Patron you will help me support my projects and my dreams in a direct, tangible way; you'll have access to exclusive content too (Patreon exclusive software; early access to software releases; random goodies I make in the way).

I hope to inspire you with what I make! Thank you for your support!

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