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You can see illustrations and roughs for 18+.
And you can read HENTAI MANGA that have been completely translated into English.

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One month's worth of HENTAI MANGA to be posted on TWO STAR can be read ahead of anyone else.

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!! NEWS !!
My MANGA book that you've been waiting for is out! You can read it in paperback and digital!
Please purchase your copy.
This will be the first comic I will release in English speaking countries. It's a very important one.
The fact that people are reading it will make a huge difference to my future work. For those of you who are already fans, for those of you who will be, and for those of you who are just now getting to know me for the first time... I want everyone to read it. 

Hi. I'm Takayuki Asaki. Hentai cartoonist in Japan.
Beyond the boundaries of Japan, I wanted people around the world to see my hentai painting.

My hentai cartoon is perfectly translated into English.
It is made possible because it is drawing conscious of English translation at the time of the first drawing.
The shape of the speech balloon is also written horizontally, and the font size is optimized and should be easy to read.
Still, here is a Japanese hentai manga drawn by me of a genuine Japanese.
PATREON is a new attempt and a challenge for me.
I need your support, because I want more time to drawing. please PATREON.

Since I am a creator of Japan, I can not publish an uncensored illustration with patreon, so I will make a little little censor.
To be honest, I do not want to censor.
However, in the post from Japan, Japanese law applies to me, so I, who is a professional creator, needs to comply with Japanese law. It is necessary for me not to lose when being sued and to continue the writer's activities.
By keeping the law, I will be kept by the law. 
Some Japanese creators post uncensored in PATREON, but they can be illegal if scrutinized.
I want to post long on PATREON, so I am posting correctly.
Please thumbs up to my activity policy.

...and There are also activities other than PATREON.
My HENTAI manga can be found in "FAKKU". please Search.
These cartoons are uncorrected because they are published by USA company.
NEW RELEASE "The Pink Room and the Nighttime Pot"

$255.53 of $500 per month
I draw HENTAI manga for PATREON.(translated into English.)
THREE STAR can see it.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 78 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 78 exclusive posts

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