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About A Scary Home Companion

A Scary Home Companion is a horror podcast like no other. 

Bold, visionary horror stories of every stripe and genre, from kid-friendly Bedtime Stories to bloody, nihilistic nightmare fuel. Every episode or story stands on its own merits, and yet when you look at them all collectively you start to see the patterns.

This is one universe. Not every story connects, not all characters cross paths, but everything that happens impacts the world.... a world of blood cults, serial killers, haunted prisons, shadowy government agencies, transdimensional demons, and a damned island on the edge of Hell's vast black ocean.

Short stories, with long-term storytelling. Slow burns that smolder for seasons, connections and callbacks you'll never see coming. 

Join the world of ASHC. Dig through the old stories and records, break down episodes, explore the timeline of show events, and help us make this world ever bigger, darker, and more terrifying. 
With your support we can offer MORE episode, and even expand into multiple podcasts.
Let's build a horror podcast empire together.
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Itunes : https://tinyurl.com/rjwfk5o
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stitcher : https://tinyurl.com/qsyrvvu
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buzzsprout : https://tinyurl.com/vrydasx 
14 of 25 patrons
When ASHC has 25 patrons, I will start a second podcast, which will begin here on Patreon exclusively. Patrons will have a voice in selecting one of three projects:
Graveyard Jones – we have only scratched the surface with Mr Jones, and with the tales of himself and his bloodline that would be enough for an ongoing series on its own. But this can be something more, a way to delve deep into the stories of African Americans that have not been told... or are at risk of being forgotten. With enough interest, I would like to work with African American creators on developing a series that blends American history, social commentary, and supernatural horror into something truly unique.
Arcana, an Audio Novel – Oceans 11 goes to Hell. A brash young witch recruits a crew of criminal occultists, each with their own dark specialty, to pull off the ultimate heist: break into hell and steal from the devil himself. Arcana is a complete novel, already written, and just requires the time and effort to record it into a series of chapters for release.
Deep Red Ops  – A pair of outside operators are tasked with running down old case files. They dig through the sinister cases of "the Priest with Red Hands" Frank Roarke, being guided by a “deep throat” style insider working from within the DRO. The shadowy government agency is undergoing a secret, bloody civil war, and these two outsiders are the key to ending it. This would very much be a “spin off” of the main storyline, but focus on a small number of recurring characters, who delve more deeply into several cases featured in past episodes of ASHC
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