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About Kevin Lam

About The Comic
Ascent is an online comic about a deep sea diver who contemplates life on a journey to the surface. It is the exploration of the human soul through isolation. It's also a lot more light-hearted than it sounds.

Read all Ascent episodes here:

About The Artist

Hello! My name is Kevin Lam. I've spent a few years working professionally in the animation industry, and now reside in upstate New York helping make educational children's videos. I love storytelling in any medium - movies, comics, cartoons, videogames etc. This comic is a chance for me to tell a story I’ve wanted to tell for a very long time.

You can see some of my animations and my other art here:

About Patreon
Patreon is a website that allows artists to fund on-going projects. If you become a patron to a project, you pledge a certain amount of money to help keep the project going. In return, the artist will usually give you a few small perks as a token of appreciation.

By pledging the equivalent of a candy bar, you can have a hand in helping me create new Ascent episodes. Pledges will mainly help pay for website fees and subscriptions to the programs I use (such as Photoshop, InDesign, etc.). Ascent will ALWAYS be free to read, but every little amount helps. Think of this as a virtual tip jar.

Still not ready to pledge any money? No worries! You can still follow my posts on this site by clicking the "Follow" button at the top right section of this page.

About the Patreon Ascent
Unlike most Patreon projects, pledges are NOT charged every month. They are charged *per episode*.

Every episode I create, I post it exclusively early here on Patreon. I will never post more than 2 episodes of month (unless I warn you beforehand), so as to not charge you too much. Your card will also not be charged if I don't post any new episodes (in the event of a hiatus).

About the rewards
But unlike a tip jar, pledging to this Patreon comes with a set of rewards!! I have some additional content that I’d love to give you guys that I believe will make it worth your while. Please read about the rewards on the right column.

For one time donations...
You can contribute to the project by sending me money via Paypal. I'll be sure to send you a few Ascent goodies as a thank you, regardless of the amount :D


Lastly, I want to say thank you for making it this far in the description! Your time is more than I could ask for. So please, consider pledging to this patreon, but above all else, please enjoy reading Ascent :)
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