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About Asha

I'm an independent spiritual singer-songwriter, and I've been making albums every year since 1987, and YouTubes for a decade now. I write spiritually-themed love songs that are very tender and direct, some inspired by a muse, and that are for a beloved and for God at the same time... in the style of great Sufi poets like Rumi.

Musically I try to make my songs plaintive and timeless, and my great modern inspirations have been Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan in particular. I also compose anthemic instrumental pieces and improvised piano vignettes. If I had been one of the disciples of Jesus, I'd have been the minstrel-guy, putting the gospels into song!

My aim and life-task is to bring the reality of the seemingly invisible world a little closer to the human heart through song. I do this for God, love and art, and although my songs are available to buy on CD and download through my website and the usual suspects like spotify, i-tunes and amazon, I give much of it away for free on Facebook where I post daily, YouTube and SoundCloud.

I have over 400 films now to my songs, and I also sometimes cover other great songs by the likes of Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Bruce Springsteen to name but a few. I'm English, but I live in Budapest where I'm part of a loose-knit community for conscious living. I have this quote on my website: 

'What science cannot declare, art can suggest.
What art suggests silently, poetry speaks out.
But what poetry fails to explain in words,
Is expressed by music.'

         ~ The Gayan of Hazrat Inayat Khan

There is no profit from my art other than spiritually; what relatively little I earn through sales and royalties is immediately ploughed back into new songs and films. I need to break even, and this is why your support helps enormously! 

My songs tend to attract kindred souls... mystics, artists and visionaries... and I also work as a transpersonal psychotherapist to provide for my family. I am a spiritual guy, but not a religious creed kind of guy, and I belong to no church. My heart is my church.

My message is that there IS a God, that God is eternally loving, and that we each have a God-particle within... embedded in our eternal soul, that we can access for goodness, beauty and truth. Because this seems so hard to get one's head around when we see so much suffering all around us, I aspire to transmit this feeling through song, rather than to explain it intellectually.