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About asharampro_help

My Name is Asharam. I was born November 3, 1990 in Uttar Pradesh (INDIA).when I was 5 years old I was diagnosed with polio. Due to financial constraints, my parents could not high-level treatment. I began to blame God for the incident that happened to me, because I was mindless. When I got wiser, I found out that it was just an accident and nobody can be blamed for this.
Now I’ve adapted myself to the circumstances but whenever I see people around me, I feel sad because these people, being extremely poor and illiterate, cannot send their children to school. I have formulated a project to make poor children self-sufficient by providing them proper education, which is as follows.
I belong to a farmer’s family so I have a good experience of farming. India is an agricultural country and I have 3 acres of land in which I want to rear goats. I have decided to put 80 percent of the income from this business for the maintenance and education of poor children.
I will hire people as per requirement which will provide them employment.
I want to request for your help to achieve this. Please help by donating or sharing the fundraiser with your friends and family.

We are grateful for your help!