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Virt-A-Mate is an incredible tool/platform/game with a wealth of resources and an outstanding community following. It is also more than it appears at face value; it can be an artistic outlet.

I create:
Collections of poses
Collections of expression morphs
Tools for creating your own expressions, skins, and looks
Original looks and scenes, complete with separate body/head morphs - mix and match!
Original skin textures and decals

Future plans:
Motion Capture
Licensed real-life model likenesses


  1. Here are the rules for using my content: You can edit it, modify it, make it your own, and re-share it as long as you credit me and do not remove my logo from the asset.  You cannot sell it, paywall it, or monetize it even if you modify it. You cannot pirate it or release it unmodified to circumvent my subscription for others.*
  2. My tool packs are assets that I create to help you create your own content. They will be designated open-license - meaning you can create stuff with my tool packs and then sell it, if you want. I only ask that you do not sell pose packs or expression packs using my tools.
*I will make an exception to the "only share if modified" rule for Skins, and there's a shortage of free-license skins and they're difficult to modify.  So if you want to use my skin in your look, go ahead. Just leave the logo intact and credit me.

I am putting in time and effort because I love the VAM community and I enjoy artistic expression. If you love what I do and would like to show appreciation, thank you!!!!. I currently produce content on my own schedule, but will gladly dedicate more time at a faster pace with your support. 

More details on why I do this:

As a thank you,  I am offering incentives for my patrons including:
1. Access to exclusive original poses, expressions, looks, textures, and scenes, along with the right to share reasonably modified versions of that content.
2. Early WIP releases of poses, expressions, and looks as they are completed, before the entire pack is finished and released
3. Voting
4. My undivided attention

21 of 100 patrons
Eventually we plan to purchase a set of trackers and begin making motion captures in addition to poses.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 28 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 28 exclusive posts

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