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About Ashe Armstrong


Hey there, folks, I'm Ashe Armstrong, author of the Grimluk, Demon Hunter series. If you're here, you might've read one of my books and enjoyed it enough you wanted to look at other ways of supporting me. Or maybe you found me randomly and my work seems interesting enough to consider reading and supporting.

I write genre fiction. Horror, fantasy, sci-fi, and all the permutations and mishmashes thereof. If you're unfamiliar with my Grimluk series, I like to call it sixguns & sorcery. There's western elements in the use of Wild West era technology and tropes. Horror elements in the form of demons and monsters. And, of course, a whole lot of fantasy elements. Grimluk is a big ol' orc with a big ol' gun.

More recently, I've decided to branch out into game design. After getting deep into Dungeons & Dragons, I took to homebrew. I've also developed a strong desire to make a video game. I currently have some homebrew items up on DM's Guild. And while I've always enjoyed cooking, I'm hoping to explore the culinary world more thoroughly as a giant with diabetes.


Well, if you're familiar with the site, then that's fairly obvious. I create and I'd like to make money doing it and I'd very much like to find more ways to make that money as a creator. I do everything myself as a self-publishing author. I've had three successful crowdfunding campaigns. I've hired out for art and editing. I do all my own formatting. I run my website. I do my own advertising. I like it but it's hard to earn enough in the arts, especially given some of my needs. I'm diabetic, have sleep apnea, and deal with various amounts of chronic pain due to old injuries and joint issues. All combined, it means I have a restricted diet and monthly prescription costs to keep myself functional. I'm doing my best.


With just $1 a month, you will have Early Access to all the content I post, with exclusive access to details and snippets of current novels. This includes lore posts, worldbuilding, D&D homebrew content, and, when its affordable, cooking posts. Eventually, once I've got a better computer, this will include video game design.

On top of that, for $25, I'd be happy to take a request for a short story each month, and I will occasionally have non-requested stories as well. All requested stories will have a max of 2000 words (time/energy management on my part). If your request isn't a concept, and you just want a story with a protagonist named after you, I can do that, as well, though in that case, I may add your name into another story.

That's what you'll get. That's what I'll get. Hopefully everyone enjoys themselves. Whatever your choice, thank you for your time.
$210.33 of $250 per month
This would put me on a path to being a lot more comfortable and financially stable.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 79 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 79 exclusive posts

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