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About Asher the Series

is an independent web-series about exorcist-for-hire, Asher Hawthorne, who makes her living casting demons out of New York's downtrodden and desperate. A veteran still coping with the cost of war, she is an outcast trying to heal her own trauma by developing the magical power to take on ancient evil. Asher is a coming-into-power story for everyone trying to grow and thrive in the chaotic new millennium.
Asher (Producer/Writer Cara Brennan) and her best friend and fellow veteran Vargas (Leon Joseph, Primal, 2019) try to save their friends from the hands of a demonic criminal cabal and those who serve it.
Asher: Initation is the next chapter in Asher's story, and is created by Lonely Cow Productions (Jack Payne, and Cara Brennan).

Asher is currently a 5 episode web-series, you can watch ALL of Season 1 on YouTube. We are currently shooting the new season, Asher: Initiation. Each episode of the new season will be approx. 50+ minutes in length; we are taking Asher from 15 minute episode web-series to full length narrative series. Our goal is to finish the first episode of Season 2 with the wildest, most compelling storytelling ever seen from an indie web-series. We will take Asher: Initiation to festivals, and  will continue to shoot Season 2 as we look for backing. The end goal is to find distribution on a major streaming service. We are currently looking for investors, if you are interested in joining Team Asher, message us.

To Keep Production Moving!
 Our goal is to take this gothic-noir Hero's Journey into the next stage by finding an independent collaborating production bodies/investors to help us finish Season 2, BUT we don't want to wait until Prince Charming comes along to get this story on screen: we want to continue making Asher. Both of us (Jack and Cara) work full time, so having a Patreon audience contribute to our production will allow us to fill in the gaps that a bigger production company would be able to foot the bill for.

Our Patreon donations help us: 

-Make Equipment Upgrades & Investments [Additional lighting, new editing software, etc]
-Paying our actors and crew for every shoot [We work with a lot of our friends, who generously donate their time and energy, but they deserve to be paid for their talent, skill, and time]
-Delegate certain jobs out to other professionals. Sometimes we need something done beyond our skill-sets, like sound-mixing or visual FX. Being able to invest back into other high-quality creators keeps Asher's production value high so that we can give the story it's proper glorious context. Asher is spooky, thrilling, and action-packed, and we want it to look and sound its best.
-Pay for Internet Things - MailChimp, Web-hosting, and all of the back-end boring tech subscription services we have to use to make sure our online interface with our audience stays strong. 
-Time Off: Filming is time consuming. We would both need the financial padding to be able to take some time off of our day jobs to be able to actually shoot. As we both work freelance, that means when we aren't working, we aren't making money. Filmmakers need to eat and keep the lights on! 

Jack Payne and Cara Brennan together are Lonely Cow Productions. We co-create, co-write, and co-produce Asher, a show born out of our mutual love of fantasy, horror, scifi and action-thrillers. Jack directs (Season 1), shoots, and edits, with Cara leading the show as the titular character; we're both inspired by cult classics like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, True Detective, Evil Dead, and The Shining. We've been friends for over a decade and and have been working hard to turn out unique shared vision that into a creative property to build our film-making business.

Grand Goals:
Finish filming Asher: Initiation, Episode I
Finish filming all of the new season
Submit to at least 10 major film festivals 

If you cannot subscribe right now, please follow us on social media @AshertheSeries on Instagram and Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube Lonely Cow.

Cara & Jack
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We will release an exclusive cut of the opening scene from Asher: Initiation.
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