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is creating skills training for beginner virtual assistants.
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Ask me anything about starting a virtual assistant business and I will get back to you on Patreon, via email, or through a Loom video recording or voice note, depending on which format best suits your question. I will give you detailed answers to any question, but if you need to reach out more than once a week, please consider a different tier. 

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Book a quick call to further discuss a question, or run through a scenario, or block that you are experiencing on your journey to virtual success. Please note, that this is not a full consultation. Think of it as calling up a friend when you've hit a wall and need someone to speak to. If you think you need to talk for more than 30 minutes, please consider a consultation call instead.

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Let me review your goals for the month (shared via Patreon, or email) and give you one page of feedback that addresses the questions or concerns you have as well as any resistance you are experiencing. You may book a quick call to discuss the feedback once you have reviewed my suggestions. Please note that while I can offer guidelines based on what you have already planned, this tier does not include creating strategic plans from scratch. 




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About Ashleigh Easthorpe

Are you thinking about starting a virtual assistant business?

About You
Are you seeking the advice of an experienced virtual assistant who has used her skills to earn a full-time income from home? Do you have questions about if and how you should do remote work and market yourself online? Are you curious about what it takes to be successful? Do you want to know if virtual assistance is a good fit for you before investing time and money into another trendy career path? Do you have a financial goal that is pushing you to use your skills to earn income? Do you believe that a big chunk of your life's purpose is wrapped up in helping others execute their vision? Are you exceptionally good at tasks that other people find frustrating, overwhelming or boring? Would you enjoy and possibly benefit from working from home, instead of a traditional office? Are you good at self-management and getting work done without your boss hovering over your desk?

About Me
My name is Ashleigh and I have been a virtual assistant since 2015. Starting with only my phone, I managed to book clients and earn an income as a writer and administrator. My income has steadily increased over the last four years, and I am now moving on to the next level in my career by taking on roles as an operations manager and growing my copywriting business. Because I am so passionate about the type of service I provide to my clients, I want to share my excitement and knowledge with other women who are passionate about supporting entrepreneurs by offering a thorough, meaningful virtual assistant service. I recently embarked on a 1:1 mentorship to an amazing mentee, but I have so much more to share! For this reason, I will be offering several mentorship options through Patreon membership. If you would like to ask me questions about being a virtual assistant, or need access to down-to-earth, this-is-real-life-and-I-need-to-earn-an-income advice, browse through my offerings and choose the one that works for you!
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