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Human beings are brilliant and beautiful. We are capable of incredible creativity, collective and compassionate action. We are able to evolve! And, we have a lot of sickness within our species and within many of our cultures. Many of us are infected by the toxic patterns of systemic oppression, prejudice, abuse, and violence. Some of us hold demeaning and discriminating perceptions of people because of their differences. And the tricky part of all of this, is that others are like me, we harbor these perceptions and don't even know it. This is where revolution is needed on the path to evolution. The patterns of oppression permeate our social structures (education system, governing practices, health care system, housing, etc.) and our internal structures. They are woven into the fabric of our own mindsets and perspectives. And we must face them, recognize them, and unlearn/dismantle them, so that we can truly evolve to be more compassionate beings.

I believe in individual and social transformation. I believe that we can do better. I am devoted to the good that humans are capable of. I am devoted to touching and igniting that sense of care and responsibility in individuals, and to strengthening our webs of connection that allow us to actively work together to create and live the worlds we dream of. This is the "work" I am called to do. This is the way I am guided to live on the planet. Sometimes it also makes money and pays my bills. Often it does not.

I invite you to join me. If you are local to Asheville, sign up for my text message updates. Find ways to get involved in your own local community. Strengthen your relationships with other people who are standing up for the goodness in humanity and are actively dismantling the power systems that rely on racial hierarchy and exploitation to survive. And please consider becoming one of my patreons -- so that I can feel you in my personal circle of care and support and so you can contribute financially towards me doing this work of my heart and soul. Thank you so very much. May the strength of our numbers and the power of our united hearts guide us into unimaginably amazing realities in our present and future moments.
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I currently invest at least 20 hours a week in volunteer organizing and community involvement. If I were to receive $20/hour for that work, that would be amazing and allow me to expand what I am able to say yes to.
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