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Even with just a $1 pledge, you'll gain access to the Patreon feed and be one of the coolest people I know.

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Behind the scene photos and video snippets of paintings in progress, me doing work, me playing music, me being a goof.

$5 /creation
Ability to vote on what Uke songs I record, who to paint, and what I should blog about! And all above rewards!

$10 /creation
A Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr follow/friending, guaranteed no mute, AND access to rough cuts, outtakes of uke videos, and otherwise unpublishable material that has been recorded or written but kep...

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Special thank you on my blog and a link back to any site of your choosing. Plus all the above.

$20 /creation
Request the topic of one blog post a month (subject to approval) or request advice (once per month) and I will write in response on my blog.  Plus all the above.

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I will share a guest post of yours on my blog (subject to approval and editing) and link back to a page of your choosing.  Exposure!  Plus all the above.

$50 /creation
Holy crap, thank you!  Every three months, I will send you a painting (of whatever you request) either digitally or no larger than 144 sq inches on canvas OR record a ukulele song of your choice (s...