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About Ashly Lovett

I am a freelance illustrator and gallery artist working traditionally with chalk pastels on paper. That means I work for myself creating artwork and trying to make a living from doing it. :) I have a love for illustrative portraiture.

I've done licensed artwork for Jim Henson Company, Adult Swim, Netflix, Focus Features, Archie Comics, and Monty Python. Clients include Boom! Publishing, Hackle TV, ArtOrder, etc. I have been featured in Spectrum 22, 23, 24, and 25, Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles West 54, Imagine FX Magazine, Graphite Magazine, and a handful of other things. See a full list here. I exhibit in galleries from Los Angeles to New York.  

In 2010 I received my BA in Illustration from Ringling College of Art and Design. I also completed a 2 year illustration program with the Visual Arts Passage back in 2015. I was taught by award winning illustrators like Jon Foster, John English, George Pratt, Sterling Hundley, Vanessa and Ron Lemen, and many others.

My Little Mermaid Book
I'm currently working on self-publishing my own illustrated book of The Little Mermaid. That is scheduled to launch on Kickstarter June 1st, 2019. I'll be sharing all my process work and design notes here on my Patreon. I chose this project to challenge myself with more narrative work and full figure illustrative scenes. It's been a very rewarding project that's been in the works since Jan 2017. You can learn all about it

My Solo Show
I'll be having my first ever solo show August 2nd in LA at Gallery 1988. I'm very excited about this project. I'll be sharing all my work in progress as I complete each piece. Gallery 1988 is a pop-culture gallery and I'll be doing chalk pastel pieces featuring women from fantasy film and tv. I'm choosing character that are badass and demonstrate great strength whether emotional and/or physical. Patrons will be seeing all the work involved for this show. Images coming soon. 

First, you may wonder what is Patreon?
It is a platform for people to directly support my artwork and keep up with everything I'm working on instead of relying on social media. Anyone can pledge and subscribe to my monthly Patreon.

What do you offer?
You get to see exclusive content like process work, time-lapse videos, demos, and read good news that I only share with my patrons. There are different levels of pledges and it is broken up into a tier system with each having their own monthly pledge. If you're on a desktop, pledge options are on the right. If you're on mobile, scroll to the top and click "Become a Patron."

Sounds awesome! I submitted my pledge. When do I get my rewards?
Please allow 72 hours for payments to clear and for me to send you access to all digital rewards.

How will I get my reward?
Links to the digital rewards will be posted in the Creator's Feed along with any other information needed. I keep most of the rewards organized with tags. Physical rewards are shipped to the address you provide and any shipping fees are included in your pledge. So, please keep your mailing address updated. Thanks!

How much of my pledge is actually going to you?
10% of your pledge goes to Patreon and processing fees (paypal,stripe,etc.) So, I get roughly 90% of each pledge.

Can I set a limit to my monthly pledge?
You can set a monthly max, so you'll never go above your budget. 

Can I cancel my pledge?
Yes, any time. Everyone's payment renews on the day they pledged. (Learn more here).

Can I comment and share stuff too on your Patreon page?
All patrons have Patreon Feed access. In the Community section you can post fan art, get to know other patrons, and leave comments. I encourage it!

Do you take commissions?
Yes. I accept commissions whether you are a patron or not. First, refer to my portfolio at to see what kind of work I do. I also suggest looking at my gallery. Then, email me at [email protected] about your commission with as much information as you can.

Eh, I'm still confused. How can I contact you to ask more questions?
Feel free to email me at [email protected] Or use Patreon's Help Center for FAQ. 
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