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Welcome to my Patreon!! This is a place for super dedicated fans to offer support in continuing to help me make cool cosplays and do cool photoshoots and now stream on Twitch!! Even if you cannot pledge I still love you! This is by no means a requirement and I super appreciate you just for being you! Thank you for being a Bae and stick around if you like butts and silly puns… and I guess costumes!

I’m Ashlynne Dae, you can call me Ash! I’m a cosplayer, model, streamer and huge nerd with a dumb sense of humor! I’ve been cosplaying for 5+ years at various cons on the West Coast of sunny California and Internationally. What started out as a hobby while I whiled away the hours working through school has become my full time job and I couldn’t be happier about it! I have been able to develop a very supportive group of friends and followers through my time cosplaying and I wouldn’t give that for the world! Cosplay means so much to me and has been a huge part of my life for so long. I truly love creating and portraying my favorite characters, and making the costumes, styling the wigs, and applying the makeup is half the fun! Aside from making and wearing cosplay you can find me streaming games and builds on Twitch, being a supreme derp, and adoring booties (because booties are best).

I make the vast majority of my cosplays! From sewing, to foam smithing, to worbla craft, to wig styling, to body paint, I’ve done so much and learned a ton along the way and want to continue to learn even more! I usually make about 20 new costumes a year, so I’m perpetually busy with some crafting or another! I also do fun cosplay themed boudoir sets or implied shoots, because I love putting sexy twists on my favorite characters! Cosplay is all about expression and I love doing both non sexy and sexy cosplay! But cosplay and boudoir modelling are expensive (don’t get me started on how many wigs and pairs of shoes I’ve bought over the years >.<) and doing mostly everything myself doesn’t leave much time for much else! And while I will always create and share content for free, I want to give the people who want to go the extra mile some extra special stuff and go the extra mile for them!

Well first off you get my undying love and gratitude for your support! And when you support at any level you’ll officailly be a Dae’s Bae! You’ll get access to day to day progress, blurbs, general shenanigans, and updates as well as more one on one contact with me! My rewards are digital photo packages, prints, stickers, polaroids, HP Sprocket Cosplay Photo Stickers, Google Hangouts, a special Discord channel and more! Have a read through the Tiers to see all the goodies I have to offer!

I also want your feedback! Got a suggestion! Post it here! Suggest cosplays, photoshoots, appearances, anything! I want YOU to be a part of my process and see what we can create TOGETHER!

These are just a few of the cosplays I've made thanks to the support of my wonderful patrons!

Thank you for your love and support! You all mean the world to me and I wouldn't be where I am today without each and every one of you! From the bottom of my heart, you have my eternal gratitude!

You can find me streaming regularly on Twitch! I play games and make costumes and talk about butts a lot. Join the Dae army, Dae's Baes on and subscribe for cute booty emotes and monthly sub giveaways!!

You can also find me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as Ashlynne Dae!


Some have asked for amazon wish list info so I'll post this here! This is by no means necessary but I am happy to shoot in anything purchased off here!
Amazon Wishlist!

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When will I get rewards?
I send out all rewards at the end of the month! This gives me time to gwet them all back from my photographer, but you will get to see previews and sneak peaks throughout the month! You’ll receive sets in a link sent through Patreon messages, so make sure you check the messages a couple times a month! Links expire two weeks after sending, so don’t miss out! All other rewards are posted natively to Patreon so you can see previous months cosplay photos and any tutorials. Having the digital rewards sent out individually prevents content stealing and keeps all my exclusive stuff, actually exclusive so you all get to see it first and see all of it!

I want access to an old set, can I get that?
Yes! I now offer past sets at for sale! Nothing will be posted there within three months of its debut on Patreon, and there's no guarantee that a particular set might actually be available for sale off Patreon so the best way to make sure you can see the new stuff is to become a Patron! But that is a great way to grab sets you may have missed!  

Can I request cosplays/boudoir sets?
If you are subscribed to the May Dae Tier, after three months you have the opportunity to request a set (within reason and my ability)! It’s your responsibility to reach out and ask me about it so feel free to hit me up! Don’t be shy and I won’t share your name as the requester if you don’t want me to! If you’d like a private custom set please contact me for pricing :)
Requesting full cosplays is a bit more in depth, cosplays on average are a lot more expensive to make than my average boudoir or bikini look. Requesting cosplays requires a year subscribed at the Make My Dae Tier. But I’m happy to discuss what you’d like when you first join so feel free to ask about it!
Do you do nudes?
I don’t currently offer nude or 18+ content. All of my sets are saucy and sexy, but are not explicit. I like designing lingerie looks for my favorite characters and for now, that’s the sexy content I will be focusing on!
Can I get a refund?
I'm sorry, but I cannot offer refunds, so please pledge wisely! If for any reason you are unsatisfied, please let me know what I can do to fix it!

By pledging you agree that you will not distribute any content found within. To do so will result in immediate banishment and prosecution to the full extent of the law. 
97 of 200 patrons
Implied sets every month! If we reach 200 patrons, I will do one implied set every month, in addition to all the other planned sets! 
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