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You create up to four torch-sized lights within range, making them appear as torches, lanterns, or glowing orbs that hover in the air for the duration.

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 Each object in a 20-foot cube within range is outlined in blue, green, or violet light (your choice).  


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What is A Short Story?
Anna Short is an artist and writer from the Midwest that works under the name A Short Story who is currently working on several personal projects. Received an MFA in Creative Writing-Poetry in May 2019.
She received a BA in Digital Communication/Creative Writing and has been featured in several national literary journals. She wants to create and support stories that encourage understanding, compassion, and diversity on the page and behind it. She enjoys playing dnd, eating sweets, and hanging out with her cats, Caesar and Eurydice.

What kind of stuff will you be posting here?
A whole bunch of stuff! Like
  • fanart and original illustrations
  • Dungeons and Dragons content such as: artwork, maps, magic items, and campaign snippets
    • including exclusive content from my original 5e supplement and campaign guide!
  • sketches, story ideas, blog posts, art/game streams
  • and other Exclusive Patreon Content!
Why should I support you?  
I would love to continue working on and creating neat things to share with folks!

Rewards consist of

  • My thanks and appreciation!
  • Sketchbook snippets and works in progress.
  • Priority for requests, Q&As, and raffle opportunities
  • Handwritten Thank You Letters
  • Downloadable Dungeons and Dragons content (maps/items/adventures/npcs)
  • Patron shout outs
  • Discord and livestream access
  • Free, discounted, and priority commissions monthly
  • More to be added!
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20% complete
If this goal is met, I will be able to put more time towards content, more regular art and game streams, as well as an overall increase in quality of content.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 25 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 25 exclusive posts
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