is creating Indie Video Games and Podcasts/Videos/Writing about EVE Online

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Greetings Fellow Empyreans I am Ashterothi and I make stuff for EVE Online!

I have been making content for EVE players for over three years. I run the EVE Universe Podcast, as well as a host on High Drag and Talking in Stations. I focus on game design and the universe holistically. My goal is to bring my near decade of study of EVE Online to help bring context to you, my fellow Empyrean!

Additionally, I have become a Video Game Developer! My first game Platon is available on Itch.IO and I hope to continue to refine my craft and bring more offerings to you all. I also hope to make tutorial videos for those interested in learning game design and development. 

The EVE community is one of the most supportive out there, and though I do want to expand into other avenues of content creation, you guys are at the forefront of my mind. I <3 you all!

- Ash
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