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Yes. A tier. This used to say $0.02 for a while, but that didn't sit well with the tiering logic. Now it's at least honest.

This tier promotes equality, so I will give you as much love and gratitude as all my other patrons.




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About Adrian Siekierka


... Oh! Hello! I'm Adrian Siekierka. I usually go by the nicknames of "asie" or "asiekierka". I spend my time programming software which tries its best to do things. Good things!


You can find a list of all projects I've been involved in here.

I'm probably most known for my Minecraft modding work. Recently, I've focused on a new modding toolchain called Fabric. Some of my more known mods include Charset, FoamFix and Unlimited Chisel Works; I have also been a developer for BuildCraft and contributed to many other mods.

I've also done things such as homebrew development (retro and otherwise), some websites, et cetera.


The more funds I get via Patreon, the more time I can spend - currently, I'm juggling a job, university studies, and hobby projects; with a viable income from the latter I could dedicate more time on those, and - by extension - making them better and more exciting for you, the end user, while still ensuring they're available for free and with fully open source code.


The money you give will, in some way, support my endeavors. There's always something that could come in handy - better hosting, better hardware, or even ways to regain motivation after a lot of tough, mind-consuming work. I'm a nerd ok

If you believe you can spare a bit of money to aid, go ahead! It's entirely voluntary. Any amount helps. I will be very grateful.


I don't have a lot of money. Should I scrape the final pennies from my wallet to support you?
A: Absolutely not! Donate only if you feel comfortable with the amount you're giving. There are other ways to support software projects - contributing code, documentation, helping triage issues.

My financial situation has suddenly worsened. Is there a way to get a refund in such a situation?
A: Generally, refunds are not given; if you really need the money back due to a sudden, unexpected event, please contact me and we might be able to work something out.

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