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Hi, I'm Tod Foley. I'm a game designer and interactive developer, creator of DayTrippers (a surreal science-fiction reality-hopping RPG), Watch the World Die (a collaborative apocalypse-generation game), CyberSpace (an old-school cyberpunk RPG), the World of South Park (an online environment for Comedy Central), various RPG systems and adventure modules for Iron Crown Enterprises, and many other interactive things.

This is my "skunkworks" Patreon, which is to say, it's the place where I share bleeding-edge game-related software, game design theory, play aides for assorted games, and experimental game designs that aren't handled by my other Patreons.

And what are those, you ask?  Well...

My Patreon Accounts As Of Today:
  • AsIf - this.
  • DayTrippers - supplements for this surreal SF roleplaying game.
  • Fictioneers - directory/discussions on indie RPGs and Storygames.
  • Fractopia - exploring the facts of tomorrow in the fiction of today.
  • UbiquiCity - the collaborative near-future anthology & sourcebook.
  • 3StringGuitar - just what it sounds like.

You can go with this, or you can go with that; I love you all.  But if you become a Patron here, I will consider you part of the As If Collective - a loose network of interactive fiction artists interested in experimental applications of narrative engineering.  You'll get early access to assorted game projects and systems for playtesting - whatever doesn't fit into the other Patreons - and you're encouraged to provide feedback on concepts in development.  Big ideas will be entertained.  When these games are published commercially, your name will be in the credits.  Here are some examples:

Long-Term, Ongoing Projects:
  • ScenePlay - a card-based game of collaborative moviemaking
  • Ghosts in the Machine - an updated version of this 1992 theatrical LARP
  • Narricon - a symbolic notation system for interactive narrative development
  • Documental - a collaborative system for creation of fictional documentaries & mockumentaries
  • PatternSystem - a system-agnostic library of narrative and mechanical structures
  • WorldNotes - a unique color-coded development system for worldbuilding
  • PaperLand - a mapmaking game of cards and strategy with roleplaying on top

As If Productions website:

Your contributions, small or large, enable me to continue pushing the envelope of interactive narrative design and theory, as opposed to pushing pixels around in the ever-more-automated field of web development.  I thank you for that.
40% complete
At this point I can justify a subscription to Adobe InDesign, which will make my layouts better and easier to create.  Goodbye Scribus!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 50 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 50 exclusive posts

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