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About Ask and Wonder

Ask and Wonder brings Christians and non-Christians together to talk about the most important questions in life on science, philosophy, faith, culture and ethics. 

As you probably know and have even experienced in your life, It is becoming more and more difficult to have meaningful, deep conversations with ourselves, our families, friends, co-workers and the world. We tend to be superficial in our conversations, and avoid the deep topics which actually have the potential to change our lives. 

Ask and Wonder creates live events where experts, leaders and university professors, come together to dialogue in front of audiences about topics concerning the biggest questions in life. Ask and Wonder also offers a podcast where these discussions are accessible for everyone all around the world. 

A world where everyone is in touch with their deepest selves and we dialogue about everything out of respect and challenge is possible. Ideas need to clash, it is necessary, we just need to learn how to do it. This is what Ask and Wonder does. 

Ask and Wonder, more. 

Pedro R. García
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Your name will be mentioned in both live events and podcasts series after the episodes finish to show how grateful we are and for everyone to know that the content shared wouldn't have been possible to be shared if it weren't for you. 

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More live events, more podcasts episodes, starting a blog about engaging with difficult conversations, writing a book, engage with more thinkers all around the world, starting a Youtube channel with video-interviews to help the world be opened to dialogue about the biggest questions in life without fear, and with challenge and empathy; a full time life dedicated to help the world be more connected, and stop the polarization of people with different world perspectives, this is what my life as founder of Ask and Wonder would look like if I reached this monthly goal with your help and donation. It is my passion to do the hard part: continually create more opportunities for deep, open and difficult dialogue and bridge the world closer, but I cannot do it without you. Thank you for considering becoming a monthly donor for Ask and Wonder. 
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