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About Ask A Sub

When I started, I felt certain it was a shout into the void never to be returned. As a younger millennial sub, I felt on the fringes of the BDSM community for not responding to loud, sweaty, intense play parties or to munches where everyone was 20 years older than me. I wanted desperately to belong, and so I picked a pen name and just started writing about BDSM as I saw it - a beautiful communication tool that had lifted me up from some truly wounding codependent tendencies leftover from a very long, very dissatisfying relationship. Oh, and a means to have the best sex of my life. I wanted to share this empowering, feminist approach to sex and relationships with the world, but really only expected my kinky friends to read.

Now, as this community has grown by the day on instagram, I've found that not only am I not alone, but other subs are looking to belong just as much as I was. We're clamoring for a space to be ourselves. And so are the Doms. We all want to use this amazing framework to deepen our relationships and be responsible, sexy dream partners. And when we band together? Everything we want is in our grasp.

By joining the Patreon, you'll help me get more advice responses out to my overwhelming DM queue, and you'll get exclusive access to patrons-only responses. I'll also tell you stories from my time on the scene, bring you toy reviews, and let your thirst for info drive the topics we talk about. As of now, I'll be posting once a week for all Patreon subscribers, but who knows? If this thing blows up maybe I'll be able to quit my soul sucking job and write about getting spanked full time ;) 

So as you consider clicking that button, picture this community like your cozy, candlelit bath, and all your imaginary pals have brought homemade bath bombs to the party. Come on in, the pink water's fine :)
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