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Well, hello! Thanks for stopping in. I so appreciate your interest.

This is the Patreon page for Asking Bear; I'll be your host S. Bear Bergman! I am the busybody know-it-all advice guy behind the keyboard at Asking Bear, and in addition to continuing to give advice online, I am also working toward a podcast and planning the occasional Asking Bear Live show. You'll hardly be able to turn around without knowing what I think you should do about a thing!

People have described Asking Bear as being something like a therapy session crossed with life coaching, or like getting some insight from your favorite uncle, or (possibly my favorite) like a good sit-down with your favorite teacher from grade 10 if they were a 'mo. I try to be clear and kind (if not precisely concise), somewhat literate, and always, always queer.

Do you think that's a good thing to have in the world - for artistic reasons, humanitarian reasons, or maybe a little of both? Please support Asking Bear, so I can keep it up.
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This pays for two columns a month, though I try to manage three or more. $400 a month would allow me to put aside a morning a week to just give advice.
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