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Hi! Welcome!

My name is Aaron and I have been in the wine industry for about 12 years on and off full-time, part time and casual. I started as a casual in a bottle shop moving beer boxes and over the years developed an interest in wine, studied it, tasted a lot of it and eventually moved my way into becoming a personal wine consultant for some of Australia's most high profile and high net worth individuals. 

Currently I am a Sommelier for a hatted restaurant (or if you live somewhere outside of Australia, you would know this as Michelin Star) and throughout the years I have always been seen as a go-to person for opinions on wine and how to conduct great service at work by new staff coming through. 

There is plenty of information on wine out there, some on Sommelier basics (how to open a bottle, how to present it etc) but there was nothing available on service itself. It's always been word of mouth. 

A passion of mine has always been drawing, I have been doing it since I was born yet I never really took it on as a career. 33 years later, here I am for the first time actually posting a comic on the net. I use this passion at work actually, where if I build good rapport with a guest then I will write them a card and do some drawings on it. Somewhere along the line, it clicked to me that I could write a comic about wine service, or at least an introduction to it. 

Let me know what you think, what you'd like to see more of! This content is aimed at people that want to be Sommeliers but may feel they can't be one (you probably can be one!), and those in customer service roles that want to follow a story and get some take-aways from it to transfer to their job. 

Either way, hope you have fun reading it! Thanks for stopping by. :)

- Aaron (askthesomm)

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