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is creating a patreon to help with operating costs.

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I'll add your name to the frontpage of the search page. This amount basically pays for a whole month of hosting. If a couple people choose this option i can enable the API again and put much more time into the project. 
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Running is expensive

In the last 3 years I've essentially spent $1000 USD on hosting.  I've managed to cut costs considerably by switching to smaller/slower machine types and by stopping the API (which lets other developers include the database of talks in their own applications). However with this whole covid situation it's money i don't really have to spend right now. 

A couple months ago i released beta version of the wiki for asktmk, which allows anyone to log in and start transcribing/editing/organising the talks in a crowd-sourced way. There's so much potential with the whole project but there's a lot of work left. I'd like to also enable the API again so other developers can start incorporating the the text into their own applications.

If I can get some help covering the costs of hosting I will be able to spend more time developing and improving the site. Thank you. 
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