is creating a live video game about undeads

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Your reward is the extremely pleasant feeling from the Vampire Kiss, be part of something "bigger", one bite at a time..

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Now that you are kind of "one of us", you'll be given access to music files, Blender 3D models ready for 3D print, and sketches.

Also gain access to discord server :)
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The shadows took you, for that we'll send you a package for your embrace anniversary with a surprise: 3D print, badges etc..

Also gain access to the Google Meet's Dev of night.
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About aSMPgame

Hi patrons,

you are invited to discover our stories, exploring the city of Montreal and find out what the heck happened there. Maybe even learn something new about yourself.. the search for enlightenment is deeply buried in the shadow, but battling your ego should alleviate your humanity. Can you face the beast?

Having you as patron would help us developing it faster, with better art and music as most of the money would go to artists and allow us to spend more time on it.

Especially if you're interested in that universe, we'll listen to your feedbacks, and maybe even implement your suggestions if they fit in. It's fun for you, it's fun for me :D

It's a live video game, it's still in development and we do an update every month, so you might find something new in every play-through. It has faults and bugs, incomplete and evolving.. alive! Enjoy the imperfect state it is in: Wabi sabi!

Download here:

Thanks a ton! :)
$55 of $150 per month
This would cover the monthly costs between licences and random services.

Thanks a lot! <3
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