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Support an amazing Romanian animal rescue mission: NGO "Mariuta"

My dear friend Daniela needs all the help she can get! Her NGO, "Mariuta", is the only animal shelter within a 100 km radius, in south-west Romania. In a country where horrific animal cruelty happens on a daily basis, Daniela has dedicated her life to save all sentient beings in need. She takes care of almost 600 animals, all saved from immediate life-threatening situations: 500 dogs, 30 cats, 5 sheep, 4 horses, 2 goats and 5 birds (one of which, the hen Francesca, is 18 years old). No animal is or will ever be exploited in any way at this sanctuary.


Even as a child, Daniela was sensitive to animal suffering. As an adult, she worked in Italy for more the ten years, saved a lot of animals and invested huge amounts of money into their well being. She returned to her native village, Desa (Dolj County, Romania), bringing 15 dogs and cats with her. Here she found even more suffering and helpless animals she couldn't ignore. Before creating the NGO, she ended up with 50 animals in her care.
"Mariuta" is the name of a severely disabled puppy (broken spine and hind legs) Daniela found abandoned in the village cemetery on Saint Mary Day in 2015. Her will to live against all odds inspired and encouraged Daniela to hope for a better world. Today, NGO "Mariuta" is still growing and surviving despite all struggles - very low funding, the hostility of some villagers and physical and spiritual exhaustion when facing horrific things almost on a daily basis.

Mission statement:

"Mariuta" was created to reduce suffering, no matter the species, including human beings in need. Apart from saving stray animals from roads, woods, ditches and horrific so-called "public shelters", Daniela also wants to change people's mentality and the legal statute of animals in Romania. She also holds a continuous resistance to local hunter organizations that kill hundreds of stray dogs and other animals. She files complaints to the police in animal cruelty cases almost on a weekly basis.
She works closely with the authorities and the press, but, despite the media coverage and all her involvement, she gets zero support from the Romanian state and very little help from international organizations. All the support comes from small individual donations, which means that the NGO's basic needs are barely met and Daniela's amazing dreams and hopes for this shelter stand no chance in the present conditions.

Monthly needs list:

9 tonnes of dry dog food
junior dry and canned dog food
more than 300 cans of cat food and 50 kg of dry cat food
food for animals with special needs (oldies, sick and restrictive diet)
over a hundred ballots of lucerne for horses, sheep and goats
neutering and other veterinary treatments
repair costs
transport fuel
garbage disposal
diapers for paralyzed dogs

Other costs:
building materials
caretakers' salaries
deworming and flea/tick treatment
You can follow "Mariuta" on Facebook:
And on Daniela's personal page:
You can also visit her webpage:

In case you want to send supplies or want to visit and volunteer, here's the NGO's address: Str. Alexandru Vlahuta nr. 89, Desa, Dolj, Romania.

Thank you for supporting this amazing cause! Any donation, however small, really makes a difference.
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