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To our humble patrons who reach this level, you are true butt fedoras under that fleshy, hat-covered exterior! You are the ones who we all know and love, and sometimes stink up the room with your smelly farts. (I swear, it wasn't me this time!)

Our patrons who achieve this level are not only freaking awesome, but get to show it off with a role in our Discord server, and receive a cool, little sticker that you can slap to something and brag about to all of your friends!
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Patrons who reach this tier are true asshats! You are the ones that have stepped up above the rest, and have shown us that you love the community just a little bit more than the next gluteus maximus in a hat! You are the best of the best, and for that, we thank you immensely!

Not only do you awesome people get a fancy role in our Discord server and a cool sticker to give you bragging rights, but you also get an awesome, cool shirt with our logo on it to make all of your friends jealous! I mean after all, what is cooler than walking around with a giant butt in a top hat?
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  • Exclusive Sticker - A butt in a top hat? On a sticker? Woah! (3 months required)
  • Exclusive T-shirt - An asshat for an asshat...on a shirt! Get it after 3 months!




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About Asshat Gaming

Asshat Gaming is a community of dedicated gamers that seek to provide a fun environment for all to enjoy.

Founded in 2018, we strive to create a place where everyone is free to have fun discussing, playing, and developing games. We also engage in other activities such as computer and console programming, general ranting and talking about life among friends, watching Twitch streams, debating various subjects, and a whole variety of other things that amuse our users!

For us, this community is something truly special that we love. That is why we have gone so far as to create this Patreon page so our amazing users, just like you, can help us sustain and grow the wonderful place that we all call home. Whether you decide to become a patron for our community or not, please know that your continued support and love for us means everything, and we're glad to have you be part of this adventure!

For those of you who do take the ultimate leap of faith and donate to our community, we want to give you a huge thank you, and let you know that any and all funds provided will be put straight back into the community, as per our internal policies on donations. If you ever have any questions before or after donating regarding where your money will or has gone, please feel free to reach out to a Server Owner within our community, and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

And to all of you Asshats out there...please keep having fun...because you are all the Hat of Ass that makes this all worth it!

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