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What is MO5.COM?
MO5.COM is the main French nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of the videogame and computer heritage. Since 2003, it has been preserving objects, games, consoles, microcomputers, arcade cabinets and accessories testifying to the history of popular culture in the digital era.
Its collections, which rank among the most exhaustive ones in the world, are presented to the public through about thirty exhibitions of various sizes each year. They systematically showcase playable or usable historical machines. MO5.COM’s collections have been organized to this end: on the one hand, a “heritage” collection of items in perfect condition is preserved, untouched, in view of a projected museum; on the other hand, an “exhibition” collection including duplicates of items already preserved is put to use to allow the public to play on historical equipment.
An important collection of several thousand software and games complements our hardware holdings. MO5.COM also owns a specialized library that includes full-runs of all the French-speaking press titles, a selection of foreign titles as well as various books relating to the digital culture and videogames.

MO5.COM has particular expertise regarding the preservation of this heritage. Its members are able to repair and maintain the hardware items, in compliance with professional museum standards which can guarantee very long-term conservation.
This professional dimension allowed the organization to establish a privileged relationship with public institutions, whether they want to organize an exhibition on the history of video games, or to restore a computer from their own collection, or need to access old data media. MO5.COM can also provide methodological advice on the specific problems related to the preservation of electronic equipment.

Picture: Overview of our collections as of the second quarter of 2015

Totaling more than 350 exhibitions since it was founded in 2003, MO5.COM is the most active nonprofit organization in Europe showcasing our digital heritage to the general public. Its exhibitions range from small events in multimedia libraries to vast booths in major shows dedicated to popular culture, to large-scale exhibitions in national museums. The topics covered go from the history of video games through selected key titles up to more specialized subjects in response to specific requests. Accordingly, MO5.COM designed exhibitions about the history of the SEGA brand, the history of football games, the fantasy theme in video games, and so on.

Picture: Game Story exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris, 2010-2011

Our projects

MO5.COM actively participates in two major projects for the re-digitization of old digital works and their preservation.
The first project involves setting up a database and an international portal that will provide information about any videogame-type of work, and will let you know instantly where it comes from, who owns it and other contextual details important to historians.
The second project is more closely related to the digitization of historical videogames as such, and takes the form of a specific methodology and a set of accessible tools, which are already implemented in Japan and France today. The goal is to re-read old original media in order to extract their raw contents, so that it can be preserved on central servers and possibly rewritten to new media or used on emulators.

Picture: Digitizing of a Commodore 64 game disk.

Why are we on Patreon?
MO5.COM has been in existence for over 14 years now and operates without any public subsidy. It is financed through its members’ subscriptions and a financial contribution from the partners who host our exhibitions. The amount we ask is often quite modest, because we want to avoid at all costs to make the hosting of an MO5.COM exhibition expensive.
MO5.COM must however invest to further improve the preservation of its collections and to finance its premises. Professional preservation equipment costs a lot. It includes neutral cardboard boxes, air filtration systems, textile storage furniture, absolute filtration vacuum cleaners and special storage props for POS material and other large size items. Purchasing all this equipment allows us to better preserve our heritage and to get as close as possible to the preservation standards set by the French « museum law ».
This is an essential step in our journey towards the opening of a great museum of digital cultures. To achieve this without financially penalizing our other activities, we need to secure more resources, on a more regular basis, so that we can purchase as needed the necessary tools for a good preservation of our collections.

Help us preserve our digital heritage, help us preserve our culture !

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We could pay the full monthly accommodation for our collections. It would be great for our unsubsidized association and would automatically make it permanent ! We could also do some work on fitting out our premises and purchase new collectibles.
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