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About Assorted Kinds

Assorted Kinds is friends helping friends make short films, once a month, every month.

Together, we are the annihilation of the excuse not to make films. We know this to be true because since January of 2018 we have made a short film, every month and yet before January 2018, many of us found every excuse in the book not to. 

With our shared collective resources and people powered productions we are able to bring our filmmaking costs down to the bare minimum. While each of our filmmakers is responsible for funding the rest of the costs associated with their film, Assorted Kinds the organization is not without it's own set of costs which allow you the fan to enjoy these films.

Through patreon, we hope to create connectivity with our audience in exchange for the monetary support which will help us sustain the organization, so that you can keep enjoying our films.

So please support us, become a patron, connect with us, and let us know what kind of stuff you would like to see next! 

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