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About Kevin Poore

Hey Everybody!

Welcome to  astraea media's Patreon page for music based content (and a little literature).

Its raison d'être is to pay for licensing music for LONGPLAYING documentary and to give us an outlet for more discussion/ exploration/ twiddling & fiddling with music. Because, as you know, it’s the best.

There’s a series of…
Podcasts; Nights at the Sound Table, Weekly Soundtrack & Learnt Offerings
Writings; All That You Touch, Daily Soundtrack, Music Catacombs and “Books” 
Video; Longplaying (Tracks), Longplaying 45s & Store Tours
Streamcasts; A series of live, mostly audio, streamcasts

Nights is a long running (9 years) music panel program. We've had amazing guests from music, film and literature answering our series of 7 questions and having a generally great time doing it.
Weekly Soundtrack is a recap of whatever is going on that week with a (prime music or spotify) playlist.
Learnt Offerings is a recap of new releases we, and you may, find interesting

All That You Touch is a short review of everything purchased or pulled out of our vinyl library
Daily Soundtrack is a look at whatever topic springs to mind (with playlists and other links)
Music Catacombs is a catch all for anything that pops up music wise but doesn’t fit into the other stuff
Books is the release of each draft of chapters for the various books being worked on. The work is very deliberate. Each chapter will evolve, change dramatically or possibly even disappear.

Longplaying is a full length documentary about Records/Vinyl/LPs and everything that goes with them. It was devised as an “album” so each Track (with quick cuts as the dead wax between) stands on its own. We’re finishing our music licensing.
Longplaying 45s is a series of “singles.” Interviews, music vids, quick hits. Like Longplaying but like the Top 40 singles of yore.
Store Tours is a series of visits to records stores around the world that allows the viewer to get an idea of where you need to go when you’re in that town.

And live STREAMS of Nights, Learnt Offerings, Interviews & more.

Other things will be added as the ideas strike… but this is the basis of our beginning.

We hope you’ll join in, make suggestions and help us to get where we are going

We're also still seeking sponsors for the segments of Longplaying, Nights etc.

We can always be reached at  ASTRAEA MEDIA

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