Al Davison is creating
Muscle Memory, a Survivors tale

'You make beautiful art out of atrocious acts, makes me cry but I want to read on' Leah Moore

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per comic Page or drawing update
Milestone Goals
$400 per comic Page or drawing update
This will allow me to attend more conventions without having to worry about covering the costs from sketching, and let me focus on promoting Muscle Memory
Update equipment and software
$700 per comic Page or drawing update
I'd be able to start updating my equipment and computer software,
$1,000 per comic Page or drawing update
This will allow me to afford the food supplements and equipment that helps me stay on top of the M.E.
Update equipment and software
$2,000 per comic Page or drawing update
This will go along way towards covering the rent and bills at the studio. At this point all patrons will recieve a ready to print high-res exclusive Art Print.


I'm a freelance, comic creator. I'm also a martial artist & film maker


Coventry, West Midlands, UK

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"A religious experience, akin to dreaming with your eyes open."
Neil Gaiman

One of the most consistently original and thought-provoking creators working in comics today. Al Davison's art is a joy. His writing powerful. His martial arts, apparently, lethal. So don't mess with him.

Jonathan Ross

"Al Davison astounds us once again with his deft marriage of a personal perspective that is utterly unique and his facility for line, form and anatomy that takes the breath away."
Alan Moore

"Al Davison is a true artist."
Mike Figgis

"Al Davison is possessed by demons. How else to explain his art, which can be as lyrical as a Japanese fairy tale, as gnomic as an opium dream, and as gothic and sensual as a Victorian's secret stash of erotica."
Alisa Kwitney

Hi, I'm Al Davison a comic creator. I work extensively for DC/Vertigo on such titles as: HELLBLAZER, VERMILLION, HOUSE OF MYSTERY, CMYK, THE DREAMING & THE UNWRITTEN. I have also drawn Doctor Who comics for IDW. I also work with other fine purveyors of graphic goodness such as Renegade Arts & Active Images, as well as several creator owned titles.
I'm probably best known for my graphic memoir THE SPIRAL CAGE, which explored my experiences growing up with Spina-Bifida, a condition I was born with and wasn't expected to survive.

I have been trying to complete the 2nd volume: MUSCLE MEMORY, for over 10 years, but the pressure of having to take on commercial work to pay the rent, and health problems, meant that I had to put it on hold. Discovering PATREON, via a tweet by Neil Gaiman, has inspired me to have another go.
MUSCLE MEMORY: A survivors tale, is even more of a challenge than the first volume, as it not only continues to look at disability issues, but also addresses my experiences of physical child abuse at the hands of my Father. I want to make it clear that this is not a story of victimization, but a story of survival and of winning against the odds. Their will inevitably be distressing scenes throughout the series, but it is also an optimistic and often funny look at my life, because that's how I am.

Even though this is a pay by page/picture campaign, fear not! you can 'cap' your monthly total, just in case I go crazy and start producing 10 pages a week. I hope you that you decide to support me in what is effectively a life-times work. thanks!

I intend to try and upload 3-4 pages a month, the completed volume 2 will be in the region of 400 pages when finished.

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