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What is Astria Legends?

Astria Legends started with a simple desire to create something all my own. I wanted more than just another fantasy world and fantasy story. I wanted it to mean something. Of all the negativity I see daily, the main ones that strike a chord with me were discouragement and discord. I am a firm believer that everyone has something special to give the world, a God given purpose, something that only they can give. Secondly, I believe that our diversity is what makes us great, meaning it’s imperative that we embrace each other’s differences and strengths in order to work together. It is this self-love, encouragement, empowerment and unity that I wanted at the heart of my creations and the company that eventually formed out of it. With every story, every art piece, every design, dance, poem, performance and craft, at its very core has the purpose of bringing this kind of positivity and hope back into the world.
Keeping these goals in mind, I formalized the world of Astria to be a world that would be easy to promote positivity (self-love and encouragement) while providing valuable lessons in dealing with the types of negativity we experience daily (empowerment). This takes the form of color-personified angels (Astrians) who need to learn to work together to form UNITY, because not all colors get along. Meanwhile, negative entities such as depression, doubt, anger, jealousy, fear, etc. are also personified, becoming the main adversaries for the Astrians. In this way the lessons, or legends, would all have the deep meanings that reflect the beginning goals.
As the world grew and God wrote Himself more into it, so did the company. In order to preserve the meaning of the brand, the company would take the name of the world and the lessons thereof, “Astria Legends” and its main theme would be used as the company tag line: It takes ALL colors to make a BEAUTIFUL world.

The ChromaSphere Series

ChromaSphere is a brand new take on the story of Astria. It tells the true story of the Astrians and the birth of Discord. 

Why Support Astria Legends?

Your donations help me to work on the comic full time and focus my efforts to creating something that can really change the lives of others. I may not be able to change the world but if I can change the lives on individuals, and show them that they are important, have purpose and can conquer any of the negative emotions they battle daily, then I'm successful. Your support definitely helps with that. 

Whose behind it all?

Hello! I'm Angelic, an African American native of Louisiana, currently living in Texas! I am a professional artist, published author, cosplayer, performer, dance choreographer and spoken word artist. I love using all my talents in order to bring the message of Astria Legends to as many people as possible. I'm hoping that you will join me in my journey and take advantage of the many perks that come with being a patron!

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