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Supporter of Astrolearn Astrology Library. Members of this tier will be extended my eternal gratitude for supporting the literary resource, will be eligible to be sent digital newsletters as and when they are available, and will be entitled to an hour's remote literary research support per year (weekends only) - this means that if you have particular sources you need help looking up, or questions about sources that are in the library, I'll check these out for you when free on the weekend, to a total time use of half an hour per six months of supporter membership, or an hour per year.

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Member of Astrolearn digital astrology library. Members of this tier will be entitled to full access to the online digitised out-of-copyright astrological text resource once it is up and running, in addition to the benefits of the supporter tier. The text resource will begin development in the second half of 2019, and once online will include at the outset all the texts existingly available on CD and DVD via the Astrolearn shop, before being developed with many more in the future. Those who sign up to this tier before the digital resource is up and running will additionally be eligible for two hours' personal remote research support per year, or one hour per six months of membership. Once the digital resource goes live, the remote support benefit will return to the level of the supporter tier, but additional remote support may be purchased at any time.

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Members of this tier will be entitled to unlimited supervised research visits to the physical library resource in South Wales, United Kingdom when it is open, which is expected in the first instance to be most weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) each year, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.. Additionally, they will receive all the benefits of the membership levels above. The funding at this level will help significantly towards offsetting the costs of running the physical library resource, including new stock purchases, heating, electricity and insurance, and I'll be extremely grateful for it.

About Astrolearn Astrology Library

In 2018, our physical astrological library, which has been under development since 1995, and now comprises more than 7,000 fully-catalogued books and pamphlets and 12,000 issues of 350 magazine, journal and almanac titles, was relocated to new private residential premises in South Wales, in the United Kingdom.

This resource is a truly international and era-spanning collection of astrological literature, with British, American, Canadian, Australian, French, Belgian, Swiss, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Polish modern sources included, as well as some original Renaissance printings in Latin and English, and critical editions and translations of nearly all the available ancient and medieval astrological texts in languages such as Akkadian, ancient Greek and Latin, Hebrew, and Arabic. 

Some of the English-language out-of-copyright texts have already been digitised; and in the latter half of 2019, work will commence on porting these to an online resource available to digital and physical library members.

The library is now open on most weekends each year to physical library members; and I look forward to hosting, supervising and assisting visiting astrologers, scholars and other researchers. Please note that only bona fide researchers with a genuine interest in studying the material will be admitted to the physical library, and all visitors will be expected to handle archived books, magazines, papers and other materials with due care. Individuals seeking to visit in bad faith, such as those harbouring hostile feelings towards astrology or a desire to damage the public standing of astrology or astrologers, are not welcome.

There are many out-of-copyright materials in the collection that further should be digitised and made available for browsing online by members, a process that will be progressively undertaken once the digital library comprising the already-scanned out-of-copyright resources is up and running.

With this Patreon page, I invite the support of the international astrological and scholarly communities to help offset some of the considerable running costs of the library, and in turn will offer the benefits of research using it to you.

Thank you,

Philip Graves, founding manager of Astrolearn Astrology Library and the related website at
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When the library Patreon fund reaches $200 per month, I shall begin to commission the development of a browsable online book scan-reader resource featuring uploads of all the out-of-copyright texts in the library. This will be available to qualifying individual members as well as to those who attain associate membership via a participating external institution, as and when such institutions sign up as institutional members
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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