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Just a small way for you to support my work. All donations are appreciated!

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This is a way for you to support my work. For the price of two water bottles, you can do that.

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About Astrune

My online alias is Astrune. I am a minecraft coder and content creator who wishes to share his work with the world. Ever since around 2014, I have been coding using minecraft's own language in order to make the game better and more interesting. For all of those years, I just shared my content with my friends and they enjoyed it very much, but after deciding to upload my content to the internet, it gained a lot of success and attention. This patreon allows me to continue making projects since I often allocate the time I could be working to time spent coding to other things. It also helps fund my server. I am known by the people who use my datapacks as being a very high quality creator and I genuinely want my work to look and feel good so that anybody who uses them will have a better experience. Thank you to all who choose to support me!

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