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Did you know that a 2014 poll revealed that single people of all ages, races, and genders make up more than 50% of the entire American population? But even with a level playing field, being of a certain age, childless, never married, or presently single can still carry a huge stigma. We discover the cheers society gave us when we experienced milestones in our early development, is not so readily available to us in our later years.
As Middle Agers, we are not always encouraged to bask in our maturing process. And no matter how embarrassing, unfulfilling, or poorly, we may feel we executed the previous stages of our lives we survived.
But let's face it, we all want to go beyond just surviving and find our tribe in the process.
Our podcast A Table for One will look to give a loud voice to an underserved demographic.
By our challenging stereotypes and engaging in untapped subjects, we can find new ways to love and nurture ourselves.
We want a community as broad a spectrum of people as possible. We are not exclusionary. Anyone who fills the childless, 40 plus, straight cis male and female, LGBTQ+, multinational, hyphenated- American is welcome.

Some of the issues we plan to explore are:
  • I Forgot to Have the Baby: No Kids, No Problem
  • Loneliness vs. Being Alone: Which Describes Me? Do I Feel There's a Difference?
  • Financial Planning: Do I Vacillate Between Panic and Who Cares?
  • Have I Stopped Dreaming? Do I Still Set Goals for Me?
  • How are We Perceived in the Media, Movies, and Advertising? How Much of It Do I Believe?
Our podcast will be as interactive as possible. We want to know what topics are relevant to you.
So please take a moment and fill out our TopicSurvey.

Life for us hasn't stopped; there can still be incredible surprises around the corner. We need to continue to dream new dreams and feel we can accomplish new goals. And as a collective, together we can let the world know that our lives are far from over.

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