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About Atarian

Hi my name is Oskar Olai! 
And I'm a pervert just like you!
I'm also the developer behind the game Loki's Corruption.
At this moment I am finished with the game, and with this
touched up version there is also new content added.
New content is constantly being worked on.

It has been a fun project of mine and I'd like to continue
making adult games. I have lots of ideas but the soon
future brings uncertain times.

In which I thought I should give patreon a shot.
If you find my game(s) entertaining, enjoyable or just feel 
like supporting my perverse game making.
Drop me a buck, or less, or whichever amount you'd like :-P
But know that if you do, know that I'd be deeply greatful!

At the moment the reward for pledging is a huge thank you and
access to the latest version of the game! 
I have a few ideas for introducing higher donation tiers.

Now what kind of game is Loki's Corruption?
It's an Adventure-Corruption-Transforming-story-adult-roll-playing-game! Or shorter a ACTSARPG!!!
Or.. just a weirdass game.. Now what does it feature?

As you bond with different odd characters you may start to realize that this very game, is heavily story driven and as you gain "Friends" hrhrhm.. And sometimes, you just want to know them a little better, am I right?

Imagine that you and your new found friend goes to the pub. Hit's it off hard.. then you two get a brilliant idea give your new best bud a pair of boobies, or more. The next day your friend might not be too happy
but you certainly are :-P

It's just common practice to show off your new found friends and creations to your fellow neighbors right?

That's a bit too vague.. What kind of themes are there?
Original Player Gender: Male
Transformation themes: Growth, Male 2 Female, Slow,
Mental Changes, Hermaphrodite, Corruption, Shemale,
Mythical Creature, WTF?

This game is made in RPG Maker VX Ace and uses for the most part
dedicated custom grafics, including overlays, character sprites, objects, tilesets, fullscreen scene pictures and animations, and battlers. Even some custom music Oooooo!

In order to run the game you'll need the RPGMaker VX Ace RTP installed.

You can find the latest public version of Loki's Corruption here:
Version 1.6.8 Public

Current patron version: 2.2 - Path to Sighisoara

Oh and if you haven't already, check out the Discord channel at:

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