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The Atari Museum has been an ongoing project that for over 35 years has documented and presented an in-depth and detailed history of one of Silicon Valley's early pioneering companies: Atari.

Founded in 1972 by Nolan Bushenll and Ted Dabney, this company would create the video arcade industry, set the standard for early cartridge based video games and introduced the first home computers with dedicated chips to perform graphics, sound and I/O functions.

It is run by Curt Vendel who for over 35 years has been maintaining the Atari Museum with the website at:

As well as the Atari Museum Facebook page at:

The Atari Museum consists of a 600 sq ft research office, 2 20'x20' storage units, 2 RAID archival servers and a webserver.   The monthly costs have continued to increase, so donations help.   The Atari Museum made a fairly large presence at this years VCF East show to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Atari 400/800 computers.   Bringing different parts of the museum out to shows for people to get to physically see and touch many items which they've never seen or the many never released items is very important.  Also bringing out the original display kiosk so people can take a trip back into the 80's and experience first hand what it may have been like to have gone into a store when Atari's were being sold.  

These are very large and heavy items.  So in order to start attending more shows around the country and perhaps some visits to Europe, the Atari Museum needs the support of those who take an interest in vintage computer and classic video games from Atari and would like to support the Atari Museum expanding and making more public appearances.  

So I would like to thank everyone for their support.


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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post