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My first goal is $2000 per month. At that point, I'll be able to start production on a podcast with an audio engineer. If you'd like to hear a people-first perspective on the news, help me raise the voices of the brilliant people and ideas I feature in the newsletter. Let's get this podcast off the ground!

Thank you for supporting this newsletter's growth. I appreciate you and I'm looking forward to growing this together.
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About At The End Of the Day

You know the saying, "You are what you eat"? I think you are what you read.

If you're reading At The End Of the Day, you're now able to directly support its growth.

Not only will your contributions pay for my work, and that of my editor and contributors, your money will grow this newsletter...into a PODCAST.

A monthly contribution via Patreon will pay for an audio engineer, my time as a producer and recording software. This podcast will be produced in partnership with Media Girlfriends, a podcast production company in which I'm a principal (and the best group of collaborators a girl can ask for).

I write At The End Of the Day because daily news can be overwhelming. And I think we deserve more than just bad feelings in exchange for being informed. Being critical and engaged is good but it isn't the end goal -- the point is to get perspective that drives our actions. That's what we all want at the end of the day -- to care for ourselves, each other and our communities.

I connect with fascinating, knowledgeable people who bring their wisdom to conversations on what's making headlines.

Be a part of this journey as I experiment with ways to write, work and reflect on the news. Contribute whatever you wish -- you set the price! Do it to support this newsletter's growth into a podcast. And if you don't want, or aren't able, to pay, this newsletter will still be free to read. 

Thank you!

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When we reach $2000 per month, I'll create an At The End Of the Day podcast. 
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