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Helpful Blob

$1 /creation
Just a few squirms out of the ocean on your evolutionary journey, and you’re already helping others! That’s quite impressive, H...

Generous Bipedal Mammal

$3 /creation
You’ve got two legs and one big heart. Thank you Generous Bipedal Mammal!

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The Opposable Thumbs That Feed Us

$5 /creation
Looks like nature has selected you one handy set of fingers. You could probably use those to invent agriculture or wage wars. B...

Unnerving, Charitable Squid Thingy

$10 /creation
Look at you! You’ve got... tentacles. Also, you're supporting the arts! You're so evolved, it's a little creepy. And hey, we wo...

Lovecraftian Philanthropy Monster

$20 /creation
Your material rewards are few, but your improbably positioned limbs are many! And with every limb, you do improbably kind thing...