Athan Reines

Athan Reines

stdlib, a standard library for JavaScript and Node.js.

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About Athan Reines

stdlib is a standard library for JavaScript and Node.js with a focus on high performance numerical and scientific computing.

The project aims to provide a single comprehensive codebase for mathematics, machine learning, streams, general utilities, and more, with rigorous testing and extensive documentation. The codebase includes more than 3000 packages for number crunching, reading data, plotting, string manipulation, random number generation, and statistics. Each unit of functionality is designed as a standalone modular unit, with separate tests, benchmarks, examples, and documentation, allowing you to use exactly what you want when you need it.

Planned ongoing work:
  • multidimensional data structures (e.g., ndarrays, matrices, data frames)
  • stream processing
  • build tools and automation
  • additional plotting capabilities

Working on stdlib requires considerable time and effort. Any help you can provide to sponsor development and allow core contributors to work on the project full-time would be greatly appreciated!

To all the contributors, fans, and patrons, thank you for all your help and support! Without you, this project would not be possible. :)
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