Atheists On Air is creating salvation for humanity!

$1 /creation
Virtual hugs and of course we are going to brag you up on the next AOA show too. May God B-less

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And they said you couldn't buy love. Ha! You just did and we love you.  Expect some praise.

$10 /creation
A Saint, that's what you are. Holy shit, you get it all, virtual hug, a hoha (shoutout), and our mostly unconditional love for all time and eternity. You're fucking awesome! Plus we are g...

$25 /creation
The above is yours plus... Pastor Roy is going to say something about you on a show.

$50 /creation
All the above... Plus - A personal call and interview with Pastor Roy.  After 4 supported casts at this level you'll be given an opportunity to speak live with Pastor Roy, ask Jesu...

$100 /creation
Let's get married!  All the above plus you'll be an official sponsor of a show segment while your patronage continues.  Each podcast will include a segment that is publicly credite...