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About Atheists Read the Bible

I'm sure you've heard various quotes from the bible but have you heard it, in context? We are two godless atheists reading the bible cover to cover and doing a podcast about it to answer the question, "What's in this book anyway?" Our intention is not to "debunk" the bible or demean believers, but rather get inside of the heads of the people who wrote the bible and try and figure out what they were trying to tell us and why.  We don't just discuss the bible. We read every single word on air, usually in funny voices.  We dive deep into theories about the bible like the documentary hypothesis. If you've ever had questions about the bible that were inappropriate for sunday school this is the podcast for you!

Exciting things are happening here at The Church of the Empty barrel, but we need your help to continue. Our bunker's supply of dumplings and bubble tea is running out! If you back us at the Dumplings level you will receive access to our spinoff series The REAL truth in which we discuss all kinds of conspiracy theories and wild speculation related to the bible.

Disclaimer: The Church of the Empty Barrel is not a legally recognized church it is really more of a new religious movement or "cult" for short. (No weird sex stuff though... yet)
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