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Aspirants are the Young Artists who want an affordable platform to release their music. Subscription: 2 USD


►One of your tracks per month will be uploaded.

►Access to Exclusive Discord Server. 

Atherik Fans
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Atherik Fans are the whole reason why we are who we are. Subscription: Starts from 2 USD


►Have songs of your choice that you want others to listen uploaded.(Based on amount Pledged)

►Have assistance regarding how to increase the reach of your Social Media or Business.(Based on amount pledged)

►Have exclusive download links to the music on our channel.(Based on amount pledged)

►We will promote your Social Media on a Video of your choice.(Based on amount pledged)

►You will receive a special video shout out every month.(Based on amount pledged)

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Apprentices are the Adept Artists who want a relatively affordable platform to release their music. Subscription: 5 USD


►Two of your tracks per month will be uploaded.

►Access to Exclusive Discord Server. 

►Have a song of your choice (not your own) that you want others to listen uploaded. 




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About Atherik

Hey Guys! So welcome to the official Atherik ™ Patreon Page. Our Mission is to promote young and aspiring electronic music artists. We wish to make promotion of music affordable to all. For this we have a YouTube channel with about 1000 subscribers and more that 300k views. We upload music produced by reputed as well as upcoming and unheard artists. We aim to provide a platform where artists can thrive and can substantially contribute to the electronic music industry. 

For Artists

We believe that affordability is key for young artists and hence our subscription starts from a menial amount of 2 USD a month. We initially started of uploading music for free but we now feel that it's time for us to earn something. The best thing about us uploading your music is that after your one-time subscription all revenue (if) earned by your music will be all yours. Yay!

For Music Lovers

We are not restricted to just artists. We are open to contributions from all our audiences. If you believe that we should be supported, you're free to donate. By subscribing, you'll be given perks based on subscription amount. 

Whether you're a Patreon or not, it doesn't matter. What matters is that you enjoy our content and that's all. Thanks!

$0 of $100 per month
Once we reach 100 USD we will make a special video highlighting all our patreons and what they all do along with their social media handles.

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