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About Athorus

Le Train Dispatcher

Direct the trains in the delivery areas. You can operate switches and light signals, hitch and unhitch wagons, without ever compromising safety.
You will have to take into account the characteristics of the rail network and the trains to arrive at your ends within a given time.

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Unique characteristics

  • Realistic light signals simulation
    • Huge engineering work has been done to have a realistic management of railway signaling.
  • No collision
    • Yes it's fun to watch many trains running automatically without getting in. All your actions are checked : you cannot put the trains in danger.
  • True physics
    • Each locomotive or wagon has its own weight, its driving or braking force, its coefficient of adhesion.

Help needed

Creating a game it is a team effort, I am looking for partners first of foremost. If you have one of the talents below, you are welcome.
  • Graphic artist
  • Level and game designer
  • Sound engineer
  • Web designer
  • Musician

About me

I am a former developer on Amiga and HP48. I especially created MUIBank and Boulder DasHP.

After years as a computer engineer and project manager, I wanted to realize a personal project, and implement a game concept that I had imagined a few years ago. It was also an opportunity to deepen my knowledge in the Rust language.
This is how Le Train Dispatcher is born.

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