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Access to all of it, monthly practices, teaching sessions, the growing library and a  monthly soul sangha session.  And of course the occasional inspired and spontaneous sharing. 

EARTH > Monthly Practices & Teachings
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Same access to monthly practices and teaching sessions, the growing library and a monthly soul sangha session.  And of course the occasional inspired and spontaneous sharing. 

For those that are able to and want to support at a higher level, you are supporting the creating of more content as well as being able to share the yoga, music and earth activism practices with a wider audience. 

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This level of support allows me to offer more scholarships and supports me in creating and offering more content to the world.


Same access to monthly practices and teaching sessions, the growing basics library and a  monthly soul sangha session. 

And of course the occasional inspired and spontaneous sharing. 

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A complimentary 1 hour soul session every 3 months for you or a friend.

About Saul David Raye


Dear Friends,
Welcome to my Patreon web portal, where i share my work and teachings online. 
Patreon is a creative platform that allows artists, teachers and creatives to share and interact with their communities in a spirit of exchange and support. I have been practicing and teaching for over 30 years and for me the live experience has primarily been the place i have done that, through classes, trainings, programs, live music events etc. But after more and more requests for more online content, classes and teachings and with the amazing technology and ability to interact as well as my need to travel a little less to work on more creative projects - i have said YES to sharing online. I have been looking for some time to find the right platform to be able to share and connect more deeply with students and friends around the world and share the JOURNEY in a more personal way.

So i invite you to take this journey is into the heart of yoga practice, reflection and community w together. I will share Yoga practices of all kinds (short and long), dharma talks, meditation, pranayama ( healing breath-work), chanting, relaxation kriyas, anatomy, music lessons, earth activism practices, life practices and even bring in some special guests. I will also share a monthly soul-sangha meditations where we come together live in Satsangh. It will be interactive creative journey, we get to share with each other, you can even ask questions. It is a portal to connect through space and time and share the journey together.

For thousands of years, Yoga has been a holistic practice that honors and affects all levels of our being. Yoga has been shared heart to heart, teacher to student for millennia. The Yoga + life practices i will share with you all here are all holistic, heart centered practices; they reflect what i have learned from my teachers, what i have practiced and come to feel are integral practices, teachings and understandings about Yoga and the journey of life. They are offered in an embodied, non-dogmatic way, you take what is useful for your path and growth. Like the Universe we are all ever-changing and evolving on a moment to moment basis. Life is a continuum of energy and we are each a part of that. Many of you have studied with me already and some of you will be new, so i want to share a little about my influences. My primary approach to yoga is through the practices of Tantric HA-THA yoga and Bhakti yoga. I have been deeply influenced, by Buddhist and Indigenous wisdom traditions as well as Thai Massage, Reiki and Pranic Healing. Nature and the breath have been my greatest teachers and it is the flow of life itself where we find direct connection to Source, Renewal and Resilience. 

I am offering this on a simple sliding scale of $12 or $22 per month (about the price of 1 yoga class). The content is the same you pay what you can afford. There is also a $108 a month which is for those who would like to support at a higher level and helps supports me giving scholarships, create more content and includes a 'one on one soul session' every 3 months for you or a friend. We have some partial and full scholarships for those who cannot afford it, please just send an email requesting one to [email protected]

I am grateful for your support and know that every amount helps me to share this online with the world. Over the time we will see what works and we will make changes and improvements as necessary along the way.

Wishing you all the best in life and yoga.

Gratitude to all my teachers, students and friends on this path. It is an honor and privilege to be able to share these practices and i look forward to the journey together. 

In love and service to the ONE.... 
HARI OM, Saul 

Note on Payment 
Patreon will collect payment on the day you sign up and you have access to all previous posted videos and material. After that everyone is billed on the 1st of the month. This is the way the system works. 

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