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There is yet another revolution in computer graphics going on right now.  But this one will be a lot more revolutionary than the other revolutions.  My intro video was done with Mandelbulb3D, a 4 meg freeware program from the Fractal Forums.  It was recently used to do the architecture and terrain for "Guardians of the Galaxy II" which was nominated for an Oscar in the VFX category.  Why is this revolutionary?  Infinite detail, no polygons, and the formula for that world and all others like it would fit on an index card.  This is just one of a number of programs using this technique.  Right here is where you will have a front-row seat for the coming transformation of VFX graphics.
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Can you spare some cutter me brother?
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Thanks loads!  It means a lot to me, knowing that I've got your support.

1080p Is what it sounds like.
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Download all my vids at 1080p, creative commons, do with as you like.  Parameters and working files?  Shouldn't be a problem and I'm always available for whatever help I can give.

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Download all my vids at 4K resolution, creative commons, do with as you like.  I am now your semi-devoted servant/puppet.  Requests?  If I can, I certainly will.

$5 of $300 per month
Goals?  Just getting above break-even would be great.
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