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About Atom Switch


Welcome to the Atom Switch Patreon page! My name is Dan Sandberg, the number one (and only) employee of Atom Switch, Inc and creator of InfintasDM.

If you've found this page then chances are good you already know about InfinitasDM, but for those of you who don't, IDM is an alternative style of Virtual Table Top app. Instead of taking over your RPG experience, IDM seeks to enhance the table rather than replace it by bringing tools like digital maps, fog of war, quest/npc/etc documents linked straight from the map and more right to your table for digitally enhanced but still in-person gaming!

For the complete scoop on the app and all its features check out the InfinitasDM Website.

IDM On Patreon

Ok, so now that we're familiar with each other you might be thinking - "So you released the app, why are you on Patreon?" Originally funded on Kickstarter in the spring of 2016, InfintasDM has been a labor of love. Put together on a minimal budget that removed my own pay from the equation, the feature set had to be strictly limited.

While I handle all of the company's business needs, artwork, web design, hosting, PR, customer support, app design, UI, asset integration, and anything else that needs doing there's one thing I can't do - high level programming. That's where the bulk of the Kickstarter funding went - paying a programmer to take my art and design and build out the codebase to make it run.

With the app's core experience completed, there's still a lot of features and refinements I'd like to add and simply put, that doesn't come cheap. Having emptied my personal coffers to work on the app for the last year, I'm turning to you to help make these expanded features a reality.

All of the app's current sales have been put back into marketing, a few small feature updates, and the savings for my upcoming trip to show IDM at GenCon. By supporting Atom Switch on Patreon you're helping provide funds that will go directly into the creation of content and features for InfinitasDM.

So How's This Going To Work Then?

Time to talk details, Patreon details. Here's how your patronage will be put to use. The Atom Switch Patreon is set to a monthly payment system. That means that every month you'll be charged for the pledge amount you have chosen.

The first goal is set at $300 and is when I can start to afford adding small-scale features to InfinitasDM. But what happens before hitting that goal, and between each goal after that?

Until that first $300 per month goal is hit, I'll be saving everything that comes in and adding it together month after month until $300 has been accumulated, then the voting for the first new feature will happen. The same goes for any amount over $300 (or any other goal) before hitting the next one - it will be saved up and added in to pay for additional features as needed until the next goal is hit.

Rewards, Now and Future

For the time being, I've been forced to go back to my day job to keep the lights on at Atom Switch HQ, so our current rewards will be focusing on app features first and foremost. Because InfinitasDM feature updates will never be locked behind a Patron-only paywall, Patron exclusive rewards are going to start out small, but will have the opportunity to grow as time progresses.

Once funding reaches the point where I can pay for new features and some of my own time to dedicate to InfinitasDM I'll be able to add more cool Patron exclusive rewards like free campaign content, maps, custom player tokens, and more!

For now, the number one benefit for our Patrons will still be a good one though - you'll be the ones voting on which new features will get made first!


Hey, would you look at that! You made it all the way to the end of this big 'ol block of text. It means a lot to me that you've taken the time to read through all this. I can't tell you enough how humbled and amazed I am by the generosity first of the original InfinitasDM backers and now you incredible Patreon folks.

A million times over, thank you for your support!

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One Small Scale InfinitasDM feature per month.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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